Privacy Policy

All websites are able to gather information from visitors and is no different. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you on how I protect sensitive information gathered here.

You should take some time to read this Privacy Policy so that you can understand certain internet practices. At the same time, you can take precautionary measures each time you’re here on my website.

No Sharing Of Personal Information

First of all, I do not share any bits of personal information collected here. However, if the Terms of Service Agreement is violated and the law requires me to provide certain information from my website, I would have to comply

So long as you strictly comply with the Terms of Service, I will keep your personal information private. I will never share it with any company or service provider. That’s a promise.

How Your Personal Information Is Captured

Each time you’re on my website, the cookies are able to capture bits of information about you. One of which is your IP address. This is actually a standard internet practice.

Your IP address represents you online. This is the reason why your conduct is very important online. You can easily be tracked down. Even if you don’t post a comment or a message here, my website is able to capture your IP address because of the cookies installed in my website.

You can turn off your cookies anytime. By doing so, you will be able to limit the sharing of information between you and my website.

Subject To Change

My Privacy Policy is subject to change. However, I won’t be informing you about the changes thru email. Instead, I will post the changes here. That’s easier for me to do.

For you to stay protected and informed, you have to come back here and read my Privacy Policy from time to time. That’s pretty much it for now.

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